Male Rape: Help is all around you

Gaining knowledge is always the first step to helping yourself or others around you that have possibly experienced the trauma of sexual violence. It is important for male victims to know that there is always help and established communities to make your road to recovery that much easier. Here are some organisations that could assist... Continue Reading →

Male Rape: People you wouldn’t think were victims of sexual violence

Male rape and sexual violence is more prevalent than you think, however, something that would make this issue easier to tackle is by encouraging victims to speak up about their experiences. Victims must know that they should not carry any shame or blame themselves for their experience, and by doing so, they can choose to... Continue Reading →

Male Rape: Men need support too

All the posts on this page so far have aimed to make people realise the realities of male rape and how common it really is. What makes this problem worse? The lack of resources and support systems for male victims of sexual violence and rape. If you think about it, so many helplines, resources, counselling... Continue Reading →

Male rape: 5 Troubling Facts

In an era of transition and movement towards equality, it is important to knock down stereotypical gender roles. We all assume that in instances of sexual violence and rape the male is the perpetrator and the female is the victim. However, these 5 facts might make you question the reality of male victims... Male victimisation... Continue Reading →

Male rape: Myth vs. Reality

Why is male rape such a taboo you make ask? Well, much of the reason is that many people don't know the facts about this issue and are quick to assume. This post is all about keeping reality in check, so let's just go through some of the main myths surrounding male rape and get... Continue Reading →

Male rape- it’s a real thing.

Male rape is an extremely under discussed topic. In fact, the general idea is that rape crime is a female concern and males simply make up the minority. The reality is that the number of male victims of rape and sexual violence is a lot more than it seems. Some hard stats The truth of... Continue Reading →

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